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Moving cattle on Ingram range.



Our ranch was first lived on by Angus and Christine McLennan in 1898.  They built the log house that Ed and Louise Fossen now live in.  In the early days the ranch was a mixed farm, with cattle, milk cows, chickens and pigs.  Angus died in 1938 and Christine in 1943.  They are both buried in the Rock Creek cemetery.  They had no children. 


For the next nine years, the ranch was rented out to a number of different people.  In 1948, the Bostock's bought the place.  They came from Saskatchewan and brought a threshing machine that still resides on the ranch.  


In 1973 the ranch was for sale as Don Bostock wished to retire.  We looked at the ranch at that time, but it was sold to Harvey House.  In 1976, the Fossen's bought it from Harvey House for $125,000 which included the machinery and 60 beef cows.  The ranch was District Lot 228.


Edwin & Louise Fossen were married in 1964.

Scan 5.jpg

McLennan barn built around 1898. Bruce driving tractor December of 1976.

Scan 9.jpg
Scan 1.jpg

Log house build by Mr. & Mrs. McLennan in 1898.(Photo taken 1976)

Scan 6.jpg

When Ed & Louise purchased the ranch in 1976 the house was just framed in. 

Distant view of ranch in 1976.

In 1979, for business reasons, we sold the ranch to Wayne and Gwen Giesbrecht.  After 3 years, Wayne and Gwen wanted to go back to Mt. Lehman, so we traded our 50 acre farm in Mt. Lehman for the ranch.  We were happy to be back. 

Scan 2.jpg

Fossen Ranch in 1982 when Ed and Louise returned from Mt. Lehman.

Scan 4.jpg

Ed and son Doug.

Scan 3.jpg
Scan 7.jpg

Barn in 1982.

Scan 8.jpg

House in 1983 after a fresh coat of paint.

Scan 10.jpg

View from ranch yard in 1983.

Ed Fossen with 4 children; Bruce, Judy, Doug,(left to right) and Ginette (bottom).

We have been here ever since.  We purchased the Hatton place in 1989, the Bateman place from Dave and Lenore Bateman in 2006 and the East ranch from Lon and June Goodale in 2017.


For many years Ed and Louise's son, Bruce and Mena Fossen, lived on the Hatton place and ranched with Ed.  Youngest son, Doug and Erika Fossen, were married in 1999 and now run the ranch.  Ed and Louise still live next door and contribute as much as possible.

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